Post mix Troubleshooting

Warm Drinks

  • Check power is switched on, pumps are running and that cooler has an icebank.
  • Ensure that the ventilation grill is free from obstruction and not blocked with dust.
  • If the grill requires cleaning a stiff hand brush is ideal.
Flat Drinks
  • Sometimes you may find that your drinks are cold but taste flat. The most common cause of this is a loss of CO2 at some time recently, the steps below should help you.
  • Check contents of CO2 bottle. Change if empty. After changing CO2 bottle purge the system by drawing through at least eight pints of carbonated water from each dispense tap or until normal flow is achieved. Start with the tap furthest from the C02 bottle.
  • Check that your glassware does not need renovating. Your dishwasher can leave a film on the glass that makes all drinks flat. Pour some carbonated water in to a glass and place a metal spoon in the glass. If bubbles cling to the spoon then you need to renovate your glassware.
Syrup and Gas Only
  • Identify the stopcock supplying the carbonator and ensure it is turned on full
  • Check the mains water supply by operating any cold water mains tap on the premises ideally near the equipment
  • Check your CO2 bottle is connected, full and turned on.
  • Locate the carbonator and check that it is plugged in and switched on.
  • If there is a steady or flashing red light on the carbonator, reset by switching off at the mains and leaving for 5 seconds then switch back on. 
  • If the carbonator now starts to run you you will need to purge the system. See 'Flat Drinks Changing C02 bottle'
  • If you have more than one dispense head, start with the one furthest from the bag in boxes. 
  • Press soda lever or soda button until a continuous flow carbonated water is achieved
Changing a Bag in Box
Weak / Strong Drinks
  • You should ensure that the CO2 bottle is connected full and turned on.
  • Check that all Bag in Box connected are full, replace any empty boxes. It could just be that the bag in box connector is not fully tightened and this should be checked.
  • Check that the blue inner ring on the BIB where the connector fits on hasn’t been pushed too far back. It should sit squarely in the BIB neck.
Gas Leaking from Pump:
  • Check that the bag in the box is not empty.

Download pdf version of our troubleshooting guideTroubleshooting.pdfTroubleshooting Guide
Orange Juice cleaning guideOrange_juice_cleaning.pdfOrange_juice_cleaning.pdf

Should the system still be failing please call 01403 248988 for further assistance.