The BevTec Services Enhancer Panel is the perfect dispense solution for outlets where 60/40 and 30/70blends of mixed gas are required in medium or large quantities. With a very low rental cost and supplied configured for use with large cylinders, the Enhancer Panel provides economies of scale for your business with maximum convenience.

Giving you Choice and Control Using the BevTec Services Enhancer Panel couldn’t be easier.
Large cylinders are to be used with the Enhancer Panel and hence cylinder changes are minimised. 
The Enhancer Panel provides outlets for 30/70 mixed gas, 60/40 mixed gas and 100% CO2 for use with continental lagers. Pressures of each blend can be monitored and adjusted using the panel and isolated in case of an emergency.

Simplified Purchasing

Using large cylinders with an BevTec Services Enhancer Panel means you no longer have the complication of 
having to estimate how much of each blend you will need to buy. Buying only two types of gas product to
make three means one type less to deal with.
Less Cylinder Changing 

Using large cylinders means less changes, less hassle and fewer interuptions to service, helping you use your
staff more efficiently - keeping the beer, and the profits,flowing.
You Can’t Go Wrong! 

As there are only two types of cylinder, Mixed Gas and CO2, with different connectors, the potential to connect
the wrong cylinder is eliminated.  


A Dispense Solution to fit with your Business