BevTec Guidelines for Postmix Temporary Site Closure

Please follow these instructions as part of a temporary closure of up to 8 weeks. This advice is based on British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) guidelines. It is important that you follow each step of the guide to uphold the quality of the product served to your guests. Cleaning the equipment at the start of the temporary shut down and again before reopening for business is a vital part of the process, in conjunction with maintaining your own personal hygiene. Prior to commencing any cleaning please ensure you have washed your hands correctly for a minimum of 20 seconds, as recommended by the current Government guidelines.
Shut Down Process
1. Turn mains power OFF, turn CO2 OFF and the water supply OFF. 
2. Remove all dispense nozzles and diffusers, clean and dry thoroughly. Refer to hygiene poster/guide book for full detail
3. Clean the valves, then refit all nozzles and diffusers. DO NOT leave in soak or wash in boiling water.
4. Flush all drip trays with clean water
5. The system can be left in this clean state for up to 8 weeks. 


Restarting the system
If less than 8 weeks shut down please follow these steps
1. Remove and replace any Out of Date Bag in Box (BiB)

2. Turn on CO2 and water. Turn power to the carbonator (or Cooler Carbonator) back On.

3. Remove and clean all nozzles and diffusers. Clean each valve before refitting the nozzles and diffusers

4. Clean any connector before attaching to the new BiB in the usual way. Refer to hygiene poster/ guide book if necessary

5. Dispense at least 3.5 litres of carbonated water, use the furthest head, if unsure dispense at least 1 litre from each head. If a dedicated button is not available, remove a BiB and use that flavour button to dispense the carbonated water

6. If still products are available (Orange Juice, Cranberry) repeat the above step for the still water

7. Pour a finished drink, check the temperature (below 4.4 degrees C) and resume service. 


If you require further technical support or have any questions please call us on 01403 248988