The Best Dispense Option for Your Needs

BevTec Services offer a range of products for drinks dispense.  We have the knowledge and expertise to select the best product to suit any outlet, from the smallest bar, right up to stadia with multiple bars and very high demands. We supply gas from BarGas a market leader in the supply of CO2 and Mixed Gases. BarGas has for many years been the preferred supplier of cylinders to multiple retailers, and directly to licensed outlets. BevTec Services is committed to providing a comprehensive product range and continuing the development of new dispense gas equipment to ensure the most cost effective drinks dispense for your site. Cylinders are delivered throughout the Southeast, so where ever you are we offer a fast and flexible local service. By being at the leading edge of Dispense gases we are also active in helping you to understand current Health and Safety legislation concerning Confined Spaces and the use of CO2 in your cellar.

BevTec Services Gas Services Benefits 
  • No deposits to pay
  • Sales calls and planned deliveries fit around YOUR business
 BevTec Services supply gas in the following sizes –
CO2 6.35kg

100% CO2 for soft drinks and lager

Mixed Gas - 60/40 6.35kg
CO2/Nitrogen mix for lager

Mixed Gas - 30/70 6.35kg

CO2/Nitrogen mix for ales and stout

Illicit Fillers

An increasing number of companies are entering the business of filling cylinders for drinks gas dispense, and a number of them are operating outside of the law. 

The danger of these 'illicit fillers' is that they put you, your staff and your customers at risk.

There are many small operators supplying dispense gases to the licensed trade. Many of these suppliers may lack the technical expertise to fully implement the necessary levels of quality control over their cylinders and gas sources.

It is very important to ensure that you source dispense gases from a reputable supplier.

All dispense gases must be food grade and comply with all the latest regulations and legislation.

Potential problems with inferior quality gases and cylinders

  • Pint quality can be unsatisfactory

  • Less pints per barrel - less profit for you

  • Loss of custom
  • Risk of explosion from corroded cylinders.

Why choose BevTec drinks dispense gases

  • Consistent pint quality

  • More pints per barrel - more profit for you
  • A satisfied customer will come back again
  • All cylinders and contents comply with regulations.

Follow link below for British Compressed Gas Association guidance on illicit fillers.

  The British Compressed Gases Associations role is to ensure safe practice in the use,
  transport, storage and handling of gases.

 BevTec Services ONLY supply gas from BarGas.